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Welcome to DragonTiger, a fun and exciting game that you can play right on your mobile device. The game uses eight decks of playing cards, and only one card is dealt for the Dragon and Tiger to determine the outcome. In Dragon Tiger, the highest card is King (K), and the lowest card is Ace (A). If both Dragon and Tiger have a King, it is considered a tie, and the player loses half of the bet!

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Game Rules

Players can bet on Dragon, Tiger, and Tie.

The dealer deals only two cards, one for Dragon and one for Tiger. The highest card is King (K), and the lowest card is Ace (A). Players can bet on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie. If they correctly bet on Dragon or Tiger, the payout is 1:1. If the two cards are the same (a Tie), the payout is 1:8. If a Tie occurs, bets on Dragon and Tiger lose half of the amount wagered. Eight decks of playing cards are commonly used. After shuffling the playing cards, they are placed in a shoe. Players can guess the outcome among Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. One card is dealt for Dragon and one card is dealt for Tiger.

Dragon Tiger Payouts

Dragon Tiger Card Values

The game uses a total of eight decks of cards. Before each round, the cards are shuffled, and the eight decks are placed in the dealing box. The betting method is similar to Baccarat. Dealing rules: Dragon receives the first card, and Tiger receives the second card. No additional cards are drawn. The outcome is determined based on the card values, and if the card values are the same, it is a Tie. There are three types of bets: Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. To increase the playability of Dragon Tiger, many casinos have introduced eight additional types of bets: Dragon Odd, Dragon Even, Tiger Odd, Tiger Even, Dragon Black, Dragon Red, Tiger Black, and Tiger Red. To ensure fairness and transparency, the game results are displayed on the video screen using flashing lights. The system automatically calculates the payouts after each round...